About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader and most rated NGO for the broadcasting, promoting and supporting of the living legends who are contributing to the development of Africa.

Our Mission

It is also our mission to protect, promote and preserve the environment and climate through implementation of sustainable projects and public education.

The mission of Youth for African Star (YAS) NGO is to proactively support and promote the works of Apostle Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo and other African inventors to positively transform the economic and cultural values of Africa. Youth for African Star is therefore built on the following CORE VALUES.

  • Innovation and Technology.
  • Environment and Biodiversity.
  • Culture and Peace.

Our Pride

The pride of Youth for African Star (YAS) is our past, present and the future: our distinguished culture practices; mother of civilization; unmatched spirituality; science and technology; natural resources and the children of the land.

Our Philosophy

Our Beliefs & Philosophy

Youth for African Star is inspired by…

History & Events

Youth for African Star (YAS) NGO sprouted in 2013 in Accra among young people who were fed up with the national negligence of local inventors and technologists who could help catalyze the socioeconomic growth of Ghana and Africa. Apostle Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo was the prime focus for our promotion since he was the most prominent innovator and technologist in Ghana and arguably Africa. These young patriots under the leadership of Bohyeba Kofi Ntow and Nana Kofi Ansah started raising awareness of the need to promote the works of Apostle Dr. Ing Kwadwo Safo to spur economic and technological development in Ghana and Africa.

In December 2014, this group of young patriots organized a technology walk from Awoshie to Kaneshie in Accra to support ‘Kantanka’ during the Annual End of Year Technology Exhibition by the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana. The voices crying for positive change increased the members of the group rapidly.

The rapid environmental pollution and cultural apathy among Ghanaians and Africans expanded the mission beyond technology and innovation advocacy to include advocacy for environmental protection and cultural tolerance among Ghanaians and Africans.

The Organisation was legally given the mandate to operate on October 21, 2015. Since then, the Organisation has been educating students, teachers, politicians and all national stakeholders to embrace the works of local engineers and inventors to help protect the environment. Members volunteer in community base cleanup exercises, and also organize seminars on culture and peace in schools, churches and communities.


Founder's Day

11th February, 2018


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    Youth for African Star (YAS) NGO sprouted in 2013 in Accra among youth of Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana to promote the technological ingenuity of Apostle Dr. Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, "African Star".


    Postal address: Box NT 476, Accra-Newtown, Accra, Ghana.


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